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Lines of Flight

Dreamwave, synthpop duo from Leeds

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Lines of Flight are Helen Whale & Matthew Henderson. Strangers before March 2020, they started collaborating in separate terraced houses in Leeds during lockdown. They recorded songs using only iPhone handsets & headphones for mics.

Their music is electronic dreampop-shoegaze and has been described as blend of Cocteau Twins & St. Etienne - blending melancholia and melody to create atmospheric and dense electronica

Lines of Flight have been a duo for a year but using minimal tech, they have 10 tracks, ready for release. 

Continuing on from 'Birthing Bell', they have released the tracks 'Moth Eaten Heart', 'Heading Out To You' & 'Signs of Life. There are 6 more to follow: 1-per-month until December, culminating in the release of the physical vinyl album 'Signs of Life'. 

Named after a term by Deleuze and Guattari: Bolts of pent up energy that break through the cracks in a system of control. Constrained by necessity, limited by circumstance, but urgent with focus and intent.