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Dreamwave, synthpop duo from Leeds

Lines of Flight are Matthew Henderson and Helen Whale. They take their name from the work of Deleuze and Guattari: 
Bolts of pent up energy that break through the cracks in a system of control and shoot off on the diagonal. They reveal the open spaces beyond the limits of what exists. Constrained by necessity, limited by circumstance, but urgent with focus and intention. 
March, 2020: Two strangers connect online in the first lockdown and start to share music and lyrics to help with the unease of COVID. They start recording and sharing files using only their iPhones. With no access to other equipment they use headphones for microphones. They draw on influences like Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode and The Cure and record 10 tracks of dreamwave-synth pop. They call themselves Lines of Flight. 
March 2021: Lines of Flight release 1 track a month between March-December, 2021. Over the 10 months they build a strong online presence and amass radio plays. They release a 7-video series, all recorded during lockdown with geo-humanities director, Amy Cuter. Their debut gig is supporting Saccades. 
October 2022: Lines Of Flight release their debut albums ‘Signs of Life’ digitally and on sky blue vinyl. Steve Lamaq plays Moth Eaten Heart. 
February 2023: Lines of Flight support Pale Blue Eyes and in April are set for the release 'More Than Human' in Ben Whelan's studio and work with / Katie Tavini to master it. The result is a 5-strong set of songs, recorded to the highest quality.

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